Special products

DRO  Rotary kiln sealing system DRO
Rotary kiln sealing system
  • Packing rings (self-adjusting) with permanent spring-action for optimal, continuous contact with the seal disc, optical wear indicator
  • Can be pressurized with buffer gas
  • Optional dust extraction at the expansion joint
  • Optional flush fitting to remove dust deposits at the seal disc
  • Double-acting seal rings for use with process-compatible barrier gas or to drain toxic or aggressive gas
  • Cutting-edge materials, supports broad range of applications
Turbine cabins Turbine cabins Turbine cabins, air filtrate sealing system and filter houses are made for containing filtered air, to protect the turbine mechanic integrity and to avoid gas leaks to the media.
The turbine cabines consist of panels built in different layers to seal and isolate noise and heat and seal the filtered air. The assembly between doors and panels are by means of special shaped gaskets sealed air tight. Further parts are included as custom made ducts, textile expansion joints, locks, dampers, actuators, sealing monitor devices.