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In the portfolio of API seals, APItex single and double seals have always met all requirements of API standard 682 4th edition Cat. 1. More than 100% is impossible? No, it is possible! As impressively demonstrated by the further development of APItex.

As the only seal on the market in this category, it meets all the requirements of the API standard and offers other unbeatable features. In addition to proven reliability and maximum safety under all operating conditions, it features improved technical design, an excellent price/performance ratio and short delivery times.

The throttle bushing extrusion is (pressure) protected by this safety feature. The fixed throttle bushing for API Cat. 1 single minimizes leakage flow to the atmosphere and conducts leakage to the drain.

The min. radial clearance between shaft sleeve and stationary parts (mating ring) of the ≤ 60 mm 0.5 mm shaft, and the > 60 mm 1.0 mm shaft prevents damage to the stationary parts caused by shaft deflections, misalignments or vibration.

The min. radial clearance of the pump-ring to the ≤ 60 mm 0.5 mm cover shaft and the > 60 mm 1.5 mm shaft prevents damage to the pump-ring caused by shaft deflections, misalignments or vibration.

The min. radial clearance between 3.0 mm rotating and stationary components prevents damage to rotating parts caused by shaft deflections, misalignments or vibration.

O-rings can resist temperatures up to 176°C (349° F). Their thermal stability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. An O-ring on the inboard side of shaft sleeve prevents the product medium from entering the space between shaft and shaft sleeve. That prevents from no sticking or blocking during disassembly.

The shaft sleeve is constructed of single piece of metal for higher mechanical stability. Wall thickness of the shaft sleeve is < 57 mm, the shaft 2.5 mm; 57 mm - 80 mm for 3.8 mm shaft; > 80 mm for 5.0 mm shaft for better stability and pressure resistance, and it protects the shaft sleeve from deformation.

The seal design is tested intensively in standardized API seal qualification test procedures under severe operating conditions.

The metal-to-metal contact to the pump housing makes for optimal alignment between cartridge and pump housing. The minimum cover wall thickness of 3 mm in the area of ports and quench provides pressure resistance, stability and safety wall thickness in case of corrosion. The scope of delivery includes cover marking, plastic plugs, metal plugs, and a warning tag.

Multipoint flush distribution for a single seal (API preference for Cat. 1), the APItex standard allows homogeneous distribution of flush fluid and better cleaning and cooling capability. Quench connections for single seal (API preference for Cat. 1), the APItex standard enables cleaning or inerting between seal and throttle bushing (e.g. prevention of oil cracking). The pump-ring device for dual seals allows the barrier fluid to circulate effectively for better seal cooling.

The centrifugal force of the rotating springs and seal ring removes dirt and particles from the seal ring, springs, and the dynamic O-ring area.

Multiple springs provide a greater spring force, are easier to install, protect the product, and are tolerant to axial angle misalignments. The Hastelloy spring material is highly corrosion resistant. The installed springs protect the product and prevent spring blockage due to solids, etc.

The anti-rotation device for mating ring prevents mating ring movement and damage to the O-ring.Blister-resistant carbon material prevents blistering and damage from heat. The SSiC sliding faces (Q1) ensure high load capacity and chemical resistance. Carbon material impregnated with antimony provides better stiffness and blistering capabilities than carbon material impregnated with resin.

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Compatibility with predecessor models

It couldn't be easier: The development of the APItex seal is 100 % compatible with the preceding series and can be replaced one-to-one without any adjustment effort.

In use everywhere

APItex single and double seals in process pumps, API610 pumps, ANSI pumps, ASME pumps and API 676 screw pumps are used in refineries, the chemical industry and the petrochemical industry.



Chemische Industrie

Chemical industry

Petrochemische Industrie

Petrochemical industry

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APItex seals
APItex seals

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